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NEWBIES’ CORNER Flowchart (basic) of common statistical methods (pdf file)
Flowchart (advanced) of common statistical methods (pdf file)
Syntax file with code to run all the statistical analyses from the book “Statistics at Square One” (BMJ)
SPSS SAV FILES SPSS sav file with every ICD-10 Disease Codes (from A00.0 to Y89.9) & description
SPSS sav file with main ICD-10 Disease Codes (from A00 to Y89) & description
SPSS SYNTAX FILES Agreement Lin’s Concordance Correlation Coefficient (MACRO)
Bland & Altman LOA (Limits Of Agreement) analysis (MACRO)
Bland & Altman LOA analysis with repeated measures (MACRO)
Passing-Bablok regression (MACRO)
Deming regression (MACROS)
Bootstrap with
Bootstrap confidence interval for a sample mean
Bootstrap confidence interval for a sample median
Bootstrap confidence interval for adjusted (population) R-square
Bootstrapping ROC AUC (one sample) (MACRO)
Bootstrapping ROC AUC differences (two paired samples) (MACRO)
Bootstrapping logistic regression performance and calibration indexes
Jackknife with MATRIX Jackknife statistics in MLR (MACRO)
Jackknife means & SD2 (& JK based normality test) (MACRO)
Multiplicity Algorithms for adjusting p-values
Survival analysis Kalbfleisch-Prentice 95%CI for survival (table & graph) (MACRO)
Non parametric methods Kruskal-Wallis Post Hoc methods (asymptotic & exact) (MACRO)
Friedman Post Hoc methods (asymptotic & exact) (MACRO)
Cochran Post Hoc methods (asymptotic & exact) (MACRO)
95% & 99% Confidence Interval for median differences (2 paired & unpaired samples)

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